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Even though we work very closely in partnership with the Diocese of Leeds, we are not funded by it. Instead, our income comes from a range of sources:

  • Donations from the public and our supporters
  • Legacies
  • Fundraising and appeals
  • Grants from trusts and grant making bodies
  • Charges for some of our services
  • Government payments for some of our services, where we deliver on their behalf.

Our performance 2016-17

Net movement in funds
The year 2016-17 closed with an overall increase in net funds of £17,205.  The previous year closed with an overall reduction in net funds of £103,034.

Our income for the year totalled £3,520,465. This represents a decrease of 6.6% (£248,522) on the previous financial year, due primarily to the lower occupancy level in the adult learning disability service and a large legacy received in 2015/16.

Most of our fundraising activity revolves around the Parish Annual Appeal and the Good Shepherd Appeal in schools during Lent. We continue to receive generous support from parishes and schools, who contributed in 2016-17 as follows:

Parishes £31,183 (an increase of 11.3% on last year)

Schools £49,174 (an increase of 6.9% on last year).

On the first weekend of November 2016 an appeal was made to support a second collection to support the diocesan response to the refugee crisis. The amount raised was £35,388, which is being managed by Catholic Care to co-ordinate the work done across the diocese.

In addition to the appeals we continue to receive generous support all year round from our donators whose contributions make such a positive difference to help us to help others.

Our total expenditure for the financial year was £3,616,672, representing a decrease of 5.3% (£200,705) on the previous year’s expenditure.

The value of our investments increased by £164,473 during the year (2015/16 showed a decrease of £82,491).