The Diocese of Leeds is committed to improving access to our website so that information on the site is accessible to the widest audience.

Access Keys

Access keys let you navigate around the Catholic Care website without using your mouse.

They can be used to jump directly to different sections of the Catholic Care or certain areas within a page, without having to move your mouse at all.

Access key Function
0 Go to Access Keys documentation page
1 Go to Catholic Care Home page
2 Go to Catholic Care Site Map
3 Go to Catholic Care Services page
4 Go to Catholic Care Terms & Conditions page
5 Go to Catholic Care Contacts page


How to use Access Keys in your Browser

Browser What to do
Internet Explorer 5+ (PC) Hold down the ALT key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER
Safari and Omniweb (Mac) Hold down the CTRL + ALT key and press the number of the access key
Firefox, Mozilla (PC) Hold down the ALT key and press the number of the access key
Firefox, Mozilla (Mac) Hold down the CTRL key and press the number of the access key
Opera Hold down the Shift key and press Escape, release both keys, then press the number of the accesskey
Netscape 7 (PC) Hold down the ALT key and press the number of the access key


PDF documents

Some fo the documents included on the website are provided as Adobe PDF’s.

We recognise that PDF documents can be inaccessible to assistive technologies such as screen readers. Please read the information below to assist you.

Get the right version of Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the free software you can download to open and read PDF. Older versions of Adobe Reader were called Acrobat Reader.

Adobe recommend upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Reader to take advantage of new accessibility features.

Only the full version of Adobe Reader (around 20 megabyte) supports accessibility features. Be aware that other versions such as Adobe Reader standard and Adobe Elements do not provide the same features.

Full version accessibility features include Accessibility Quick Check, text reflow and Read Out Loud. Read out loud is the text-to-speech engine built into Adobe Reader.

When installing Adobe Reader on your computer for the first time, the presence of access technology on your system triggers the install shield to include five extra pages of options. The default options are recommended.

Download the latest copy of Adobe Reader


We recognise that the accessibility of our website is a much about content as the structure of the site.  Wherever possible we have tried to produce information in plain language.

Feedback and comments

We welcome any feedback or questions that you have regarding accessibility of the site.  Please contact us