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People’s needs change throughout their lives, and the way society responds to those needs evolves, too. At Catholic Care, we’re proud of our long history of over 150 years progressively and flexibly meeting the needs of people in our diocese.

We work hard to support those of any age who have particular needs because of their age, circumstances or disability. While some of our projects take place in the community, other projects require dedicated buildings. In these instances, we will develop properties which enable us to deliver support such as:

  • residential care for children and young people
  • supported ‘step-up’ living for young people leaving care
  • supported-housing services for adults with mental-health issues
  • supported living for those in their retirement.

Currently in development

Moor Road, Headingley
Work is planned to start in the autumn of 2016 on 32 apartments for older people in Leeds. These will offer independent apartment-style living, with personalised care and support, as an alternative to residential care. Find out more about Moor Road.

Other Projects

We are working on a number of other projects and continually evolving our services to meet the changing needs of those we provide a service to.