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Catholic Care has great concern for those who have particular needs, whether temporary or long-term, at any stage of life. Responding to this concern, we provide a very high standard of support and care through a wide range of residential and community-based services.

Children & young people’s services

We offer residential homes for children & young people, and children & young people with learning disabilities. We also offer family support. Learn more

Pregnancy and parenting services

Our Gianna Project offers confidential one-to-one support and advice to anyone who has an unplanned pregnancy. Learn more

Learning disability services

We care for and support people in residential homes, supported living homes and supported housing. We provide outreach support services for adults with a learning disability. Learn more

Mental health services

We encourage and support people with mental-health needs to become active and fully integrated members of the community. Learn more

Older people’s services

Our range of supportive services, from accommodation to community outreach, encourage older people’s independence, dignity and fulfilment. Learn more

School & family social work services

We offer a team of dedicated school and family social-work professionals for whenever children or young people have problems at school or at home. Learn more