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Between 1943 and 2012, we placed around 2,000 babies and children for adoption, although nowadays we no longer act as an adoption agency. Today, we continue to support people who were connected through these adoptions by providing information and tracing services. All of our adoption support work is carried out under the registration and oversight of Caritas (Diocese of Salford).

Information for adults who are adopted

If you’re aged over 18 and were adopted through our agency as a baby or child, we can provide access to your birth records. We may also be able to provide tracing and intermediary services; this means trying to find who your birth relatives are, and possibly also acting as a go-between (at least initially) if you would like to try and contact them.

Information for birth relatives of adopted adults

We’re always pleased to hear from birth relatives (usually parents, brothers or sisters) who were parted from a child placed for adoption through our agency. You are welcome to contact us if you’re looking for information, would like to attempt contact, or just want to talk through your feelings.

Why use us as an intermediary?

We believe it’s essential to use an intermediary when reconnecting after a past adoption. We are very experienced, and would be happy to help in your search. Everyone’s needs and emotions (including the adoptive family’s) must be taken into account and carefully balanced. Even if you find the person yourself, we strongly advise that you ask us to make the initial contact for you: this approach is more likely to have a positive outcome for all involved. All parties may benefit from being prepared by a social worker – for the impact of tracing, for a possible reunion, and for the after-effects.

Is it easy to trace people?

Trying to trace an adopted adult, or their birth family, is a step-by-step process which can be fast but can also be slow and frustrating. It may not be possible to trace a person at all. Or even if someone is traced, they may choose not to have contact, which must be respected. An adopted adult may already have registered a ‘veto’ with us, which would mean we can’t contact them at all.

What happens when someone is traced?

We can’t predict the success of any attempted contact. In some cases, only letters and photographs are exchanged. In others, a single meeting may take place. Sometimes, people continue to see each other, become friends, and are able to establish a meaningful relationship.

How does it work?

We’ll set up an appointment to meet with you, so that we can explore the impact of adoption and what you’d like to do next. For many people, this may be the first opportunity to do any of this, and it may be an emotional time. Information you share in sessions with a social worker will be kept confidential, unless you or someone else might be at risk.

If you’re a birth relative, you’ll be asked to provide evidence of your relationship to the adopted person; for example, a passport, driver’s licence or copy of birth, adoption or marriage certificate.

How much does it cost?

There is currently no charge for providing information from our adoption records to adopted adults and birth relatives.

We do charge for our intermediary services including tracing and contacting adopted relatives, and tracing and contacting birth relatives. Our fees for intermediary services are as follows:-

  • Undertake a check of NHS records to establish if adopted relatives are currently registered in England and Wales. £50
  • Undertake a search and locate current address. £125
  • Act as intermediary, make contact, facilitate meeting (where possible) and provide follow up to support both parties. £100
  • To contact additional relative (if applicable) £100
  • To trace and re-contact a birth relative who our Service has previously contacted for you. £100

Special needs

If you have any particular needs, in terms of access to the office, translation or other support services, please let us know.