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We have many years’ experience of supporting children, young people and their families through challenging times and situations. We provide the highest standards of care and support, always promoting the uniqueness, rights and potential of every individual.

Residential homes

Not all children and young people can live with their own families, or perhaps not all of the time. For those who can’t, we provide short- or long-term care through safe, stable and supportive family-style living in residential homes. These offer a warm and homely atmosphere. We offer children and young people the opportunity  to enhance their life experiences with a variety of activities, camping trips and an annual holiday at home or abroad.

We take care to consider these children’s and young people’s own choices and preferences while working closely in partnership with their families, where appropriate, and key professionals. We support children and young people in dealing with past experiences (such as separation or abuse) and we encourage them to grow physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our highly trained staff are committed to nurturing the children and young people in their care, encouraging them to develop lasting relationships and make the most of their potential.

Continued care

When young people are getting ready to leave our care, we can offer a supportive step-up to living on their own. We have 2 flats in a through-care setting, providing young people with the blend of support and independence they need as they transition to life beyond care. They can also make use of our services for continued support once they have left care and are living independently.

Family Support service

Our growing family support service ranges from providing support within the home context and community to support in school working alongside the child in the classroom at school. A child or young person’s personal plan might include support with homework, sports, days out, hobbies and social activities, and access to local amenities. We can also support their families by helping to safeguard the child, providing support around pressure times in the day, and appointing support workers. These services are offered in the home and in community settings, in the day or in the evening and at weekends.