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A close ‘knit’ parish

Following an appeal, delivered by a representative of Catholic Care, St Joseph’s parish in Brighouse began to think of ways they could get involved and support the charity. We are so very grateful for the many people who have made donations of time, toys, clothes and money which has enabled Catholic Care to support a number of families living each day from hand to mouth.

Over the last 3 years one lady in particular has made a significant contribution of knitted baby clothes and toys.
Kathleen had a passion for knitting at an early age. As the years went by and her family grew she found she had little time to continue with her hobby. On hearing Catholic Care’s appeal she picked up her needles and knitting again. Over the 3 years Kathleen has donated blankets for new born babies and toddlers, later progressing to matching hats and bootees.

As her passion increased she began knitting multi-coloured dolls with the bits of wool she had left over from the clothing. All items have brought great joy to a number of beneficiaries.

More recently Kathleen approached us with an idea to knit Easter treats which included chicks, rabbits and baskets with the body of each item filled with a Cadburys Crème egg. The items would be sold with the profit to be gifted to Catholic Care.

With a donations received to purchase a large number of the eggs and Canon Philip kindly giving his permission for the church hall to be used, free of charge, Kathleen began knitting.

On the first day, the day of Kathleen’s ‘50th Wedding Anniversary’ she joined us in selling the items she had made. We were delighted when parishioners joined us in the hall and even more so when 56 were sold. As word spread for interest in purchasing a gift a further 94 were sold the following week.

So to the Canon Philip and the kind parishioner’s of St Joseph’s, we THANK YOU.