Catholic Care’s Very Busy Summer

When the first wave of coronavirus came along and the country went into Lockdown in March, we entered unprecedented times. No one had experienced anything like it before and certainly no one expected it to continue into the summer.

With these drastic changes in our lives came a surge in demand as people faced enormous challenges and the need for support grew exponentially just like the virus.

At Catholic Care we rose to the challenges and reached out to those in need.


• We have made over 26,000 phone calls to relieve isolation. This includes the elderly, teachers, parents and carers and, children.

• We have sent out over 900 supermarket vouchers totalling £25,590 to families that have suffered financially due to the pandemic.

• We have made over 600 visits to supermarkets and 34 visits to the pharmacy to help people who have not been able to get their own shopping and medication due to isolating from the virus.


• We made over 1,500 socially distanced visits to people’s homes to drop of fruit as part of the Fruit for Families Project. Fruit is often the item that drops of the shopping list when money is tight, yet it is so important .

• We delivered just under 13,000 pieces of fruit before the summer holidays allowing children of our Key Workers to get a healthy snack during the day.

The Charity did all this while still providing 24-hour support in our homes for Adults with Learning Disabilities and our Children’s Residential Home; offering guidance for people in our Mental Health Accommodation Service and our Counselling Service; providing emergency crisis support through our Crisis Fund and, supporting vulnerable mothers and distributing baby supplies through our Gianna: Baby Bank Plus project.


We have tried to reach out and to help as many people as we could during the summer months of the pandemic and, we hope that we have made a positive difference to the lives of families and other people that we have helped, cared for and supported and that they are now in a more stable place.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our staff who carried on working throughout these challenging times. Without them we would not have been able to have helped and supported the number of people we have.



We would also like to say thank you to The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation who provided funding towards our Supermarket Voucher Scheme and our Crisis Fund and fully funded our Fruit for Families project, all part of the Community Response Service, and, to the National Lottery Awards for All whose funding contributed to the Community Response Service and other projects within the Charity.

This was Catholic Care’s very Busy Summer.