Fireman David!

David, who is cared for by Catholic Care near Keighley, recently spent an enjoyable and informative afternoon at the Fire Station. He arrived armed with cake (always a good start), and sat chatting to all the Fire Fighters, drinking a coffee and eating said cake. David was then shown around the station, told how the station runs and the daily tasks they need to complete. He was shown the Fire Engine with all its equipment, and the use for each piece was also explained to him. Then the afternoon got really exciting as he was then given the opportunity to try the uniform on, he didn’t realise how heavy it was until he tried it for himself. He really liked the idea of the firefighter’s boots and trousers being positioned for a quick exit. He even got to wear the Watch Manager’s helmet, and sit in the Fire Engine, but said he didn’t think he would do go a good job of being in charge. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. David thanked everybody and shook hands with them all as we left. Our thanks go to Rawdon Fire Station for allowing us to visit and make David’s day so special.