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In May, the Diocese of Leeds launched its Community Sponsorship for Refugees at its information evening at Wheeler Hall. As a result, several parishes across the Diocese are interested in welcoming a Syrian refugee family into their communities.

Sponsorship is a unique opportunity for communities to welcome and resettle refugee families, putting local parish communities at the heart of a family’s journey to a new life, helping them to re-build their lives.

Community Sponsorship forms part of the Government’s VPRS (Vulnerable Person’s Re-settlement Scheme). In 2015 the Government committed to welcoming 20,000 refugees to the country through the VPRS programme by 2020. The scheme has helped those in greatest need and, in total, over 10,000 refugees have been settled in the UK through the scheme so far.

The Home Office is currently reviewing the future of the VPRS which risks being scaled down or closed altogether after 2020.

Citizens UK has just launched a campaign for the extension of the VPRS beyond 2020. There is more information here and the opportunity to show your support.

If you and/or your parish is interest in becoming a Community Sponsor, please contact either:
Carol Hill at carol.hill@catholic-care.org.uk or Lucy Irven at LIrven@catholic-care.org.uk